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DC Ruling Provides Support For Builders Risk Claim Recovery

To deny coverage for builders risk claims, insurers have been increasingly relying on two arguments, both of which... (more story)

Harvard's Broker Fight Shows Active Risk Management Is Key

Harvard University’s recently filed suit against its insurance broker for alleged malpractice in handling the Stud... (more story)

Deal Over Jets Stranded In Russia May Serve As Blueprint

In the face of a pending "mega-trial" over leased airplanes held in Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, a settle... (more story)

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No 2nd Shot For Complex In Hurricane Case, Agent Says

Insurance agent AmRisc LP has asked a Louisiana federal court not to allow an apartment complex a second chance to oppose the agent's dismissal from an $11 million Hurricane Ida damage coverage dispute, claimi... (more story)

Energy Co. Seeks Exit From Travelers' Lighting Fire Dispute

An energy company urged a New York federal court to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Travelers in an attempt to recover costs for a trampoline park fire the company alleged was caused by faulty lighting, maintaini... (more story)

(AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes)
Brine Co. Says Pollution Suit Coverage Denial Is 'Egregious'

A brine supplier asked a Louisiana federal court to determine that its insurer does owe defense and indemnity coverage for an underlying suit alleging the supplier leaked toxic chemicals from a salt mine onto ... (more story)

Fla. Panel Revives Homeowner's Damage Coverage Dispute

A Florida statute requiring policyholders to notify the state's Department of Financial Services before filing suit against an insurer does not apply retroactively to policies purchased before the statute's ef... (more story)

Ag. Business Says Nationwide Owes $1M For Hail Damage

A Texas agricultural company is seeking over $1 million from Nationwide for damage it said its property sustained in a 2022 hailstorm, arguing that the insurer wrongfully denied coverage because of an improper... (more story)

Judge Recommends Axing Suit Over Texas Firm's Solicitation

Troubled Houston law firm McClenny Moseley & Associates PLLC won a preliminary victory on Wednesday as a federal magistrate judge recommended dismissing a putative class action over its allegedly illegal effor... (more story)

Fla. Company Says Insurer Owes $1.2M For Ian Damage

A Jacksonville-based company told a Florida federal court that its insurer, Ohio Security Insurance Co., still owes it more than $1.2 million in coverage for property damage caused by Hurricane Ian in late 2022.

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Outdoor Services Co. Escapes Herbicide Coverage Suit

A Minnesota federal judge tossed a lawsuit Monday from American Family Mutual Insurance Co. against an outdoor services company seeking to avoid coverage of claims that it misapplied herbicide on clients' lawn... (more story)

Albany Diocese To Mediate Ch. 11 Abuse Claim Liability

Saying that reaching a settlement should be the focus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany's Chapter 11 case, a New York bankruptcy judge on Wednesday referred core case issues about the extent of abuse lia... (more story)

A South Dakota federal judge rejected Zurich's contention that it would be "insulting" to jurors to require expert testimony before they could decide whether an attorney breached his duty of loyalty to the insurer. (AP Photo/Armando Franca)
Judge Stands On Ruling To Toss Insurer's Claim Against Atty

A South Dakota court will not reconsider its decision to trim an insurer's breach of fiduciary duty claim against a law firm on the grounds that the insurer failed to provide expert testimony as required by st... (more story)

La. School Says Insurers Permitted To Recover Fire Costs

A Louisiana high school told a federal judge its insurers can pursue recovery of $2.8 million in property damages from a fire the insurers said was caused by a flooring company's failure to properly discard ch... (more story)

Reinsurer Again Seeks To Exit Metal Co.'s Cleanup Cost Suit

An AIG unit's reinsurer urged a Kentucky federal court to toss all claims by an alloy producer over coverage for cleanup costs incurred at a site near the Tennessee River, arguing it only has liabilities to th... (more story)

Zurich Says $13.8M Theft Coverage Row Belongs In Ga. Court

Zurich American Insurance Co. asked to move a Georgia property owner's lawsuit over coverage of an alleged $13.8 million theft to Georgia court, arguing that the suit was improperly filed in a Texas federal court.

Policy Is Void Because Climbing Co. Hid Recalls, Insurer Says

An excess insurer told a Colorado federal court Monday that it does not owe $4 million in excess coverage to a climbing equipment manufacturer and its primary insurer, claiming it voided the company's policy o... (more story)

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Insurer Seeks $17.4M For Failed La. Dredging Projects

An insurer urged a Louisiana federal court Monday to award it over $17 million in damages following several dredging contractors' alleged abandonment of multiple public utility projects, arguing that the contr... (more story)

Hanover Drops BIPA Coverage Spat With Plastics Co.

The Hanover Insurance Co. on Monday voluntarily dropped its Arkansas federal court lawsuit seeking to escape paying for a plastics company's defense and indemnity in a biometric data collection class action, c... (more story)

The coverage dispute stems from an investment firm’s termination of its chief financial officer, who filed a discrimination suit. (
Investment Co. Can't Send Coverage Suit Back To State Court

A Connecticut federal court refused to send an investment firm's suit seeking coverage for an employment discrimination action back to state court, finding that the firm's insurer satisfied the requirements for removal.

Insurer Must Unveil Secret Settlement Terms, Court Told

A construction company told a Utah federal court that an insurer must reveal details of a confidential settlement with the company's former CFO in order to determine if the settlement should be used to offset ... (more story)

Insurer Seeks Quick Win In Real Estate Atty's Hacking Claim

Arguing that a broad exclusion expressly prevents a payout, the National Liability & Fire Insurance Co. has told a Connecticut state court judge that it should win a feud over whether a professional liability ... (more story)

Pharmacy's Coverage Didn't Transfer Post-Merger, Court Told

An insurer urged a Texas federal judge Wednesday to rule in its favor on claims that it needn't cover a veterinary pharmacy in an underlying dispute over the deaths of two horses, arguing that coverage did not... (more story)

Target Settles Trademark Damages Suit With Insurer

Target has settled its lawsuit against its insurer over coverage of a trademark infringement suit with fashion company Universal Standard Inc., a Minnesota federal court was notified.