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Alternative Apportionment Issues Linger After Justices' Punt

The U.S. Supreme Court's declining to hear an energy company's claims that Michigan unconstitutionally taxed gain ... (more story)

6th Circ. Decision Sidesteps Broader Fight Over IRS Notices

A Sixth Circuit panel handed the IRS a win with its recent decision finding a lower court overreached by nationall... (more story)

Would Ending Chevron Deference Really Make Waves?

Experts say federal agencies and courts have drifted away from relying on Chevron deference in recent years, follo... (more story)

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Amicus Groups Tell High Court To End Chevron Deference

Six groups, including the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and several former state supreme court judges, filed friend-of-the-court briefs on Monday urging the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a decades-old legal doctri... (more story)

Georgia Tax Preparer Gets 2 Years For False Returns

A Georgia tax preparer has been sentenced to two years in federal prison for filing false income tax returns for his clients to ensure inflated refunds that helped him earn more than $1.2 million in fees, acco... (more story)

Trump Downplays NY Judge's Safety Risk After Threats

Donald Trump's lawyers on Monday said safety concerns don't justify a New York state judge's gag orders against the former president in the state attorney general's civil fraud trial, arguing that threats made... (more story)

COVERAGE RECAP: Day 34 Of Trump's NY Civil Fraud Trial

Law360 reporters are providing live coverage from the courthouse as former President Donald Trump goes on trial in the New York attorney general's civil fraud case. Here's a recap from day 34:

The Case For Post-Bar Clerk Training Programs At Law Firms

In today's competitive legal hiring market, an intentionally designed training program for law school graduates awaiting bar admission can be an effective way of creating a pipeline of qualified candidates, sa... (more story)

Trump's Posts Linked To Threats Against NY Judge, Clerk

Social media posts by Donald Trump have led to an ongoing deluge of death threats and antisemitic slurs against a law clerk and the New York judge overseeing the ex-president's civil fraud trial, a court secur... (more story)

Feds' Bids For New Trial Rejected In $400M Glider Truck Suit

A Tennessee federal judge rejected the U.S. government's request for a new trial in a case where a jury let a truck company off the hook for roughly $400 million in excise taxes, penalties and interest for its... (more story)

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Minn. Justices OK Tax On Goodwill Income From Stock Sale

Minnesota's revenue commissioner was right to treat income derived from the goodwill generated by the sale of company stock as apportionable business income, the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday, despite co... (more story)

Ohio Voters Legalize Cannabis — What Comes Next?

This month, voters approved a citizen-initiated statute that legalizes marijuana for recreational use in Ohio, but the legalization timeline could undergo significant changes at the behest of the state's lawma... (more story)

Ex-Trump Org Exec Says He 'Gave Up' Amid Fraud Probes

A former Trump Organization executive testified in the former president's New York civil fraud trial Tuesday that he had to leave his position after getting caught up in the government investigations swirling ... (more story)

NC Tax Unconstitutional, Philip Morris Tells State Justices

North Carolina violated the dormant commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution when it disallowed Philip Morris' deduction of loans made to out-of-state affiliates, the tobacco giant told the state's highest court.

Wash. Capital Gains Tax Foes Ask Supreme Court To Void Tax

Washington state's tax on capital gains is an unconstitutional excise tax that exceeds federal limits on state authority, a group opposed to the measure told the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Colo. Tax Measure Title Law Should Stand, Court Told

A Colorado law mandating disclosure of the potential impact on funding for state programs from tax changes in ballot measures does not regulate private speech or violate the First Amendment, Colorado's secreta... (more story)

Fishing Cos. Tell Justices Chevron Deference 'Deeply Flawed'

Fishing company Seafreeze Fleet LLC and its subsidiaries have called on the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a decades-old doctrine instructing lower courts to defer to federal agencies' interpretations of ambig... (more story)

COVERAGE RECAP: Day 33 Of Trump's NY Civil Fraud Trial

Law360 reporters are providing live coverage from the courthouse as former President Donald Trump goes on trial in the New York attorney general's civil fraud case. Here's a recap from day 33.

Trump Controller Says Mazars Knew All In Fraud Trial Defense

Longtime Trump Organization Controller Jeffrey McConney returned to the stand Monday to defend against the New York attorney general's civil fraud allegations, testifying that outside accounting firm Mazars LL... (more story)

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EU Withholding Measure Is Not On Agenda Of Dec. 8 Meeting

A measure that would simplify the way withholding tax refunds are issued in European Union member countries while also helping national authorities detect fraud won't be discussed at a coming EU finance minist... (more story)

UK's Digital Tax Rollout Will Burden Taxpayers, MPs Warn

HM Revenue and Customs has lost sight of making tax simpler as part of its project to digitalize tax self-assessment, members of a parliamentary committee warned in a report published Friday.

UK Gov't Seeks Powers To Combat Tax Avoidance Schemes

The U.K. government wants to make the unauthorized promotion of tax avoidance schemes a criminal offense under plans to give HM Revenue and Customs new powers to crack down on aggressive practices.

Majority Voting On Tax Dropped From EU Parliament Bill

A passage that would have called for a form of super majority voting on tax in the European Union has been dropped from a proposal calling for changes to EU treaty law, the final text of the bill shows.

UN To Begin Drafting Framework For Global Tax Convention

World governments will begin to develop a framework for a global tax convention at the United Nations, where about two-thirds of the member states voted Wednesday in favor of an African-led resolution that was... (more story)

US Can't Seek FBAR Penalties From Green Card Holder

A Mexican national who holds a U.S. green card doesn't owe penalties for failing to report his foreign bank accounts, even though he told the U.S. government late that he claimed Mexican residency under an int... (more story)

UK Makes Biz Investment Tax Breaks Permanent

The U.K. government revealed plans on Wednesday to make the temporary tax breaks for business investment permanent in 2024, while also cutting National Insurance contributions for most workers.